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Letters and Unpublished Materials

Adams, Covington, and Younes (law office). Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Keeton, Sr., July 9, 1979.

Ashley, Hugh. Public statement before Oversight Hearing, Hot Springs, Arkansas, September 16, 1977.

Bramhall, W. E. Letter to Hilary Jones, August 25, 1977.

Bumpers, Senator Dale. Letter to Kenneth Villines, September 4, 1979.

Johansen, Rienhart, Letter to Hilary Jones, September 23, 1977.

Martin, Tommy. Letter to Andrew Adams, July 16, 1979.

McClellan, Senator John. Letter to State Rep. Sterlin Hurley, April 24, 1971.

Minutes of Meeting of the Committee for Landowners' Rights of the Newton County Quorum Court, October, 1979.

Teter, Rhonda, and Wilson, Ruth. (Eds.) Unpublished manuscript on the history and culture of Newton County, Arkansas.

Turney, John. Letter to Congressman John Paul Hammerschmidt, July 10, 1979.

Villines, Howard. Letter to Senator Ted Stevens, August 8, 1979.

Villines, Kenneth. Letter to Senator Dale Bumpers, August 27, 1979.


Public Documents

Acquisition Ceiling Increases. Statutes at Large, Vol. XC (1972).

Buffalo National River Act. Statutes at Large, Vol. LXXXVI 1976)

U.S. Congress. House. Congressman John Paul Hammerschmidt speaking in favor of the Buffalo National River. And Cong., 2nd sess., May 13, 1971. Congressional Record, CXVII, 14916-14917.

Department of the Interior. National Park Service. Buffalo National River Final Master Plan. Prepared by the Denver National Park Office, 1977.



Adams, Andrew. December 23, 1980.

Ashley, Hugh. December 17, 1980,

Brasel, Bill. December 16, 1980.

Casey, Arvel. December 15, 1980.

Chadbourn, Harmon. January 12 and 27, 1981.

Clagett, Weldon. December 16, 1980.

Clark, Bill and Charlene. December 15, 1980.

Duty, Bill. December 15, 1980.

Eaton, Marilyn, January 9, 1981.

Hamilton, Oxford, December 16, 1980.

Hannon, Lucille. December 16, 1980.

Hedges, Harold. January 11, 1981.

Hickman, Robert. December 16, 1980.

Hubbard, Ken. December 17, 1980.

Jones, Hilary. December 16-17, 1980.

Keeton, Roy, Jr. December 15, 1980.

Marshall, Howard and Vivian. December 17, 1980.

Martin, Tommy. December 14, 1980 and January 10, 1981,

Massey, Dewey. December 17, 1980.

Park, Sam Hugh. January 9, 1981.

Patterson, Jerry. December 17, 1980.

Shaddox, Ted and Jimmie. December 18, 1980.

Slay, Emmett and Katie. December 17, 1980.

Teter, Hap and Rhonda, December 14-17, 1980.

Tudor, Ed. December 17, 1980.

Van Deven, Herb. December 18, 1980.

Villines, Conrad. December 17, 1980.

Villines, Howard. December 15, 1980,

Villines, Kenneth. December 15, 1980.

Villines, Paul. December 15, 1980,

Villines, Waymon and Norma Lee. December 14, 1980.

Watkins, Ray. December 16, 1980.

Weaver, Rhona. January 8, 1931.

Wilkins, Neil. December 16, 1930.

Wilson, Ruth. December 14-15, 1980 and 18, 1980 and January 9, and 30, 1981.



Arkansas Gazette. 1969 and 1971.

Baxter Bulletin. 1970.

Boone County Headlight. 1968-1969.

The Grapevine. 1978.

Harrison Daily Times. 1968, 1972, and 1978.

The Informer. 1970.

Kansas City Star. 1971.

Marshall Mountain Wave. 1969.

Springfield News and Leader. 1978.


Articles and Books

Arden; Harvey. "America's Little Mainstream." National Geographic. March, 1977, p. 348.

Lackey, Walter F. History of Newton County, Arkansas. Point Lookout, Missouri: School of the Ozarks Press, 1950.

Teter, Rhonda. "Granny Henderson," The Newton County Homestead. Summer, 1980, pp. 8-10.



Photograph Number Subject
1 The Buffalo River
2 Bluffs on the Buffalo River
3 Former buildings of the Valley-Y Ranch
4 Farmland of Waymon Villines
5 Home of Waymon Villines
6 Walnut Grove Cemetery
7 & 8 Former home of "Granny" Henderson
9 Temporary new house for "Granny" Henderson
10 Arvel Casey at his store
11 Hap Teter
12 & 13 Ponds on the former Valley-Y Ranch cut by the National Park Service
14 & 15 Mill of Clyde Villines
16 Herb Van Deven
17 Site of the former home of Roy Keeton, Sr.
18 Machine shop of Roy Keeton, Jr. (now relocated in Ponca)
19 Beechwood Cemetery
20 Former home of Doy Edgmon
21 Hugh Ashley
22 Hilary Jones in the cemetery where many of his relatives are buried
23-25 Scenes of the Buffalo River taken from the former property of Hilary Jones
26 Trees cut by the National Park Service on the former property of Hilary Jones



Kent Anderson received his Ph.D. in history from the University of Washington in 1975. Prior to that, he was a pre-doctoral instructor in U.S. history at that same institution for three years. His dissertation was published by Greenwood Press in 1978 under the title of Television Fraud: The History Ind Implications of the Quiz Show Scandals as part of their Contributions in American Studies series. Currently he is writing an article on the Federal Communications Commission for an encyclopedia. Anderson has also worked for the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the C. V. Mosby Publishing Co. *Other research citations of Kent Anderson have appeared in Public Administration Review and the three volume work, Perspectives on Political Philosophy, edited by David. Kirk Hart and James Downton. Presently, Anderson teaches U. S. history at the University of Arizona.

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