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April 10, 2000 -- DOUBLE VICTORY OVER CARA!!!  Opponents of the CARA (HR 701 and S 25) land acquisition trust fund won significant victories last week in both the Senate and House.
See the Press Release for more details.
February 17, 2000 -- In a highly unusual action, six Republican members of the House Resources Committee have co-signed a strongly worded "Dissenting View" that has been filed with the Committee's report on the Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA), HR 701.
See the Op-Ed for more details.
January 14, 2000 -- Clinton shuts down off-roaders in two monuments, prohibits hunting in another.  CARA will do the same.
See the press release for more details.
December 30, 1999 -- "The best things in life are free, But you can keep 'em for the birds and bees, Now give me money, that's what I want." This Motown hit made famous by the Beatles is the theme song for HR 701/ S 25, the Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA).  Fiscal responsibility, private property rights and environmental protection are all being overridden by old fashioned pork barrel politics.
See the Op-Ed for more details.
December 18, 1999 -- Former Reagan Administration top official and National Wildlife Federation President G. Ray Arnett states opposition to The Conservation and Reinvestment Act of 1999 (CARA), HR 701 and its Senate counterpart S 25.
See the Letter for more details.
December 17, 1999 -- HR 701/S 25, the Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA), a three billion dollar annual trust fund, will have a longer road than its supporters expected on its way through the legislative process.
See the press release for more details.           
March 9, 1999 -- Young Targets Inholders with HR 701 With His Billion Dollar Land Acquisition Trust Fund. Miller Targets All Rural Landowners with HR 798
See the press release for more details.
February 3, 1998 -- Congress Scored in the 1998 Private Property Congressional Vote Index
See the press release for more details.
June 6, 1997 -- Alaska Responds to President's Christmas Wish: "Grow Your Own!"
Alaskans to Offer President Pine Cone Instead of Trees
See the press release for more details.
April 28, 1997 -- American Land Rights Association Establishes Internet Presence
See the press release for more details.

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