ALRA Comment:  Villagers plea for help and object to government purchase of native lands and foreclosure of options for their children's future.  Karluk is on the west shore of Kodiak Island.  

Anchorage Daily News – 7/22/01

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council, an organization formed after the oil spill of 1989, is comprised of three state and three federal agencies that has millions of dollars. After attending numerous meetings, I come to the conclusion that EVOS' sole intent is to acquire all lands possible with no respect and regard to the people who are affected and oppose these land acquisitions.

EVOS is in final negotiation to acquire 1,860 acres in the Village of Karluk. These 1,860 acres were conveyed from our regional corporation to our village corporation with the intent to disperse 10 acres to the original 186 members of Karluk. Unfortunately we have a council that refuses to acknowledge and represent the 186 members. Majority members of Karluk have submitted their opposition to EVOS; EVOS' intent to acquire our lands remains.

Does EVOS care about taking our lands away from us, our homes, our culture, and the future of our children? How does oil money justify acquiring Native lands? Is this a system in which the state of Alaska and the U.S. government will eventually own all the land? I continue to ask my senators, congressmen, governor and state representatives for help.

Chuck Reft, Anchorage
Sandra Vinberg, Kodiak     (907) 486-6324
Members of Karluk

ALRA Closing comment:  These folks are not likely to get much help out of Gov. Tony Knowles, Sen. Frank Murkowski, or Rep. Don Young -- all of whom support massive CARA land buying. 

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