Thanks to the Wilderness Society for assembling many of them! 
However, in late 1999 or early 2000 the Wilderness Society removed the page (www.tws.org/wildalaska/specialreport.htm) and sanitized their website of material critical of Don Young (R-Alaska).

Young asks, as he usually does, at the beginning of most Interior Committee meetings: "Whose land are we stealing today?" From News from the FLOC (January 1993) page 6, Fairness to Landowners Committee

"I don't believe government, unless it's a communist government, should own lands." Rep. Don Young on APRN radio, February 14, 1996.

"They (environmentalists) are a socialist group of individuals that are the tool of the Democratic Party. That's all they are, always have been. I'm proud to say that they are my enemy. They are not Americans, never have been Americans, never will be Americans." Rep. Don Young on Alaska Public Radio Network, August 19, 1996.

"That's what the environmentalists--the self-centered bunch, the waffle stomping, Harvard-graduating, intellectual idiots that don't understand that they're leading this country into environmental disaster." Rep. Don Young, National Journal, April 8 , 1995.

"I'm the one that's in charge now. (Environmentalists) are going to have to compromise. If not, I'm just going to ram it down their throats." Rep. Don Young in Sierra Magazine, 1995.

"If we don't stand up to these extremists and counter the slide toward environmental Marxism, we will produce the same disastrous standard of living now being suffered by the former Soviet Union. If this happens our families, our society and our environment will all pay the price."

[CARA money] "is not taxpayers dollars...it doesn't come out of your pocket!" (Congressman Don Young, Alaska Public Radio interview, 6/1/99)

"If you want a society that's free, if you want a society that will continue to prosper, you've got to give opportunities to those people that are in those walled cities, that are faced tremendous propaganda in the media arena. They don't have the opportunity to think out loud or to think for themselves. If you want that to occur, you've got to get people away from the large urbanized areas. That's why I introduced this [CARA] bill" (Congressman Don Young at Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Forum, 4/24/00)

"Why am I so interested? It sounds like I am a greenie and I have always been looked upon as a resource developer. This is a resource development bill! Renewable resources!" (Congressman Don Young at Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Forum, 4/24/00)

"...if you don't have availability for people to go out into the woods and have the availability of fish and game so people can go fishing and hunting, you're going to lose the thinking people of America....This is a bigger problem than just this little [CARA] bill of mine..." (Congressman Don Young on KFAR Radio, Fairbanks Alaska, 5/1/00)

For more on The Chairman's past statements see, Environment & Climate News (July 2000)
"Editorial:   Donny, we hardly knew ye" 

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