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6/28/00 DAVID WHITNEY, Anchorage Daily News (Alaska) - CONSERVATION BILL MEETING IS POSTPONED - Murkowski faces obstacles on two fronts. Like Young, he is drawing heat from property rights groups that strenuously oppose the legislation as pork barrel spending that will put more privately owned lands into federal ownership.  But Murkowski also faces difficulties with the senior Democrat on his panel, New Mexico Sen. Jeff Bingaman, whose state has no coastal lands and would like to see revenues more equally distributed with interior states such as his.
6/21/00 PUBLIC POLICY INSTITUTE OF CALIFORNIA - The first comprehensive survey of California adults on environmental issues finds that most Californians are very concerned about the environment, and would pay higher gasoline and housing costs to protect natural resources.  However, the poll also shows the state's residents are unwilling to pay higher taxes to fund land acquisitions or cleanups of contaminated sites (43% yes - 52% no).
6/13/00 JEFFERY ZINN - Congressional Research Service (Library of Congress) - IB10015:  Conserving Land Resources: Legislative Proposals in the 106th Congress.
6/12/00 JEFFERY ZINN and M. LYNNE CORN - Congressional Research Service (Library of Congress) - RESOURCE PROTECTION: A COMPARISON OF HR 701/S 2567 AND THREE OTHER SENATE BILLS (S25, S2123 AND S 2181) WITH CURRENT LAW.  [HTML version]
6/9/00 FRED PRATT, Fairbanks (Alaska) Daily News-Miner - YOUNG'S RECORD CONSISTENT, CONSERVATION BILL ASSISTS NATIVE ALLIES.  Many people are calling Young a turncoat for embracing a conservation measure, but the bill is actually right in line with his record. The confusion demonstrates Young's record is a lot different than his image.
6/8/00 SAM BISHOP, Fairbanks Daily News Miner (Alaska), Washington Bureau - BUSH FAVORS PORTION OF YOUNG'S LANDS BILL - Murkowski stressed the difficulty of his position, "What we've got here is a very popular piece of legislation deemed a winner for everyone because it's got something for everyone that they haven't gotten before," he said. "Nobody identifies where the money is going to come from. Nobody really wants to dwell on the fact what we're setting up is an entitlement, which in real terms gives these benefits a priority over everything else."
6/1/00 COMPETITIVE ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE - NOTORIOUS SELLOUT OF THE MONTH PRIZE IS AWARDED TO THREE DIFFERENT RECIPIENTS FOR JUNE - ...This amounts to one of the most spectacular sellouts CEI has tracked, in large part because of comments Young has made over the years defending the principles of private property rights..."I don't believe the government, unless it's a communist government, should own lands."
6/00 FRED KELLEY GRANT, Stewards of the Range - HOUSE PASSES CARA: "I'M THE ALPHA WOLF" CRIES YOUNG - ... during the debate on CARA, many Republicans refused to slink away and they certainly did not "whine." Their sound arguments were impossible to answer. So, the "alpha wolf" and Representative Tauzin of Louisiana (whose state will receive an enormous allocation of funds), joined by avid Democrats, made no attempt to respond to the logic and factual content of the opposing arguments. At the most critical points of debate, they simply resorted to the argument that this Bill would save for "our children, our grandchildren and their children" great open spaces throughout the nation...Just before the debate on the amendments ended, a reporter for C-Span interviewed Rep. Young. He stated his pride and pleasure at the success of the Bill, but warned that there would be a hard fight in the Senate. Looking right into the camera he said that it was up to the public to demand that the Senate take action on the Bill. He then, smilingly, said that if the Senate does not take action to pass the Bill by the end of the year, then "the President will demand it." Obviously Clinton-Gore-Babbitt donāt need a majority in the House when a powerful Republican will carry water for them.
  6/00 DON YOUNG - STATEMENTS ON CARA, ENVIRONMENTALISTS, AND PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS - Many first discovered on the Wilderness Society website!  However, in late 1999 or early 2000 the Wilderness Society  removed the page and sanitized the website of material critical of Don Young.
  6/00 FRED KELLY GRANT, Stewards of the Range - FATAL FLAWS OF CARA - A particularly valuable analysis - Grant points out how the CARA bill has been written to assure a fast scanner of the bill that certain catchy property rights protection phrases will be noticed.  But close reading of the bill reveals the phrases are without operative effect or value and makes one aware of the deceit of the bill sponsors, Don Young and Frank Murkowski.
5/28/00 SAM BISHOP, Fairbanks Daily News Miner (Alaska), Washington Bureau - YOUNG'S CONSERVATION LANDS BILL FACES CRUCIAL TEST IN SENATE - One of those rules allows any senator to raise a "point of order" on the Senate floor to any bill that violates the budget resolution, and no one denies that CARA does. Sixty votes can override a point of order. However, that would require up to 15 of the 55 Senate Republicans to vote to violate the budget resolution passed by their own majority.
5/23/00 LIZ RUSKIN, Reporter, Anchorage Daily News (Alaska) - GOP TURNS ITS BACK ON YOUNG, State Party members Oppose Land Measure - The Republican Party of Alaska adopted a resolution at its state convention Saturday opposing the grandest political achievement of Alaska's Republican congressman, Don Young.  A letter circulated to convention delegates said,"CARA goes against the heart and soul of what it means to be a Republican..." 
5/19/00 DIANE ALDEN, Reporter, - THE FEUDAL STATES OF AMERICA - The recent passage of H.R. 701 by the Congress of the United States is a feudal land grab by the barons in Washington. What is appalling is that many so-called "conservative" Republicans bought into the Clinton administration's "Lands Legacy Program." In cahoots with the elitist foundations and environmental movement the federal government just drove the final stake into the heart of rural America....Don Young's staff and Murkowski's staff - they were walking in the audience, talking to these leftists like they were best buddies. Republicans had turned into Democrats.... What's the point? We work to send these guys to Washington; we work to have a Republican Congress, and they don't have the chutzpah to do anything more than be a doormat for Clinton...
5/14/00 ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS - EDITORIAL - MR. CONSERVATION, DON YOUNG BAGS HIS TROPHY - "At times, Rep. Young's traditional adversaries have raised questions about his motives....we are not going to join those asking why...we are going to join the throng throwing roses at the congressman's feet."
5/13/00 SAM BISHOP - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner  (Alaska), Washington Bureau - HOUSE APPROVES YOUNG'S $3 BILLION CONSERVATION BILL.  Sen. Ted Stevens, R_Alaska and chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, said Young's bill was "ingenious."  He also expressed mixed feelings, though, because only 32 percent of the federal budget remains outside dedicated funding streams like CARA's.  "As an Alaskan you can't object to it, but as an appropriator you have to say 'How long is this going to go on?"' Stevens said. "I think you'll find a lot of people on my committee will oppose this."
5/12/00 JONATHON H. ADLER, National Review Online - THE GREAT GOP LAND GRAB - Property-rights activists are used to thinking of Vice President Al Gore and Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt as the greatest threats to their land. Now its time to add...Don Young (R-AK) and Rep. Billy Tauzin (R-LA) to the list...Even an amendment to prevent the disbursement of funds to environmental-activist groups was defeated, 317-107.  Once a staunch opponent of federal land acquisition Young sold his property rights birthright for an off-budget bowl of porridge. In 1996, Chairman Young told an Alaska radio station that only "communist" governments needed to own land. Now, it seems, Chairman Young sees socialism in a new light.
5/12/00 JULIET EILPERIN - Washington Post - HOUSE SETS ASIDE BILLIONS FOR CONSERVATION.  "The last thing people in Arizona want me to do is create a new entitlement for anything," said Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.). "And this bill creates a new entitlement, putting another $3 billion on automatic pilot regardless of the economic condition of the country."
5/12/00 NATIONAL TAXPAYERS UNION - NTU BLASTS PASSAGE OF PORK-LADEN LAND GRAB BILL:  Calls Vote for H.R. 701 a Quintessential Vote for Big Government.  "It is disingenuous to support this bill and maintain you are a fiscally responsible ÷ let alone conservative ÷ Member of Congress... the American taxpayers know a bum deal when they see one and will remember when they decide who truly protects their tax dollars come election time."
5/12/00 DAVID WHITNEY - Anchorage Daily News Washington Bureau - LANDS PLAN OK'D HOUSE BACKS YOUNG PLAN.  The House send-off drops the legislation in the lap of Alaska Sen. Frank Murkowski, chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and he tried to dampen the enthusiasm.  "There's going to be some tidying up to do," Murkowski said of the bill. "I'd say it faces a thorough examination of realism.  Someone's going to have to pay for this," Murkowski said of the bill's $2.8 billion annual price. His committee will not move the bill without finding cuts of similar size elsewhere in the budget.  Murkowski said several Western senators on his committee do not want to add to the nearly 700 million acres of federal real estate.  Asked whether he counts himself among them, Murkowski replied: "Obviously. I don't change my spots."
5/11/00 WASHINGTON POST - Editorial - A GREEN BILL IN THE HOUSE.  THE HOUSE is to vote today on a bill that will pass for precisely the reason it should fail. The measure is doubly green: The purpose is environmental, and the votes have been bought. A new entitlement would be created, in part by people who in other contexts are wont to declaim against entitlements as poor fiscal and social policy alike. [ALRA comment:The Post talks about socialist, self-styled, "conservative" Republicans.]
5/11/00 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD [p. H2907 - H2952] - Full record of the second day's debate in the full U.S. House of Representatives on H.R.701.  CARA land grab and pork feast passed by the House of Representatives -- Hot potato now tossed to the U.S. Senate.  Additional Congressional Record references:    Members not present at vote announcing how they would have voted -- NO on final passage:   DeMint (R-SC);  YES on final passage:  McCarthy (D-MO).
5/10/00 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD [p. H2827 - H2894]  - Full record of the first day's debate in the full U.S. House of Representatives on H.R.701.

Congressman Dave Obey (D-Wis) - Statement against CARA on fiscal responsibility grounds - "...Those programs are good, and I strongly support them, but they are not the only priorities we have as a Nation and they are not even the only priorities we have on the environmental front. They are important to me, but they are not any more important than is education or health care or some others...I do not understand why we are taking Federal money and using it to fund State priorities when many of our States have been running budget surpluses....I believe in a much larger land acquisition program. But I do not put land acquisition ahead of other priorities like education and health care...."

5/10/2000 WASHINGTON TIMES - Editorial - IRON CURTAIN ENVIRONMENTALISM.  Alaska Rep. Don Young...has joined with Rep. George Miller, Democrat of California, to propose a "conservation" bill known as the Conservation and Reinvestment Act...many of the projects reek of pork-barrel spending.  Central planners simply aren't capable of sorting out the countless individual decisions that help supply meet demand, whether the product is shoes, corn or park land.  The old Eastern-bloc nations found that out the hard way. Someone needs to explain it to Reps. Young and Miller.
5/9/00 HERITAGE FOUNDATION - Gregg VanHelmond and Angela Antonelli - WHY CARA IS FISCALLY IRRESPONSIBLE AND A THREAT TO LOCAL LAND USE DECISIONS.  The intention of H.R. 701--to improve land conservation and recreation in the United States--at first glance is noble, but in reality the bill represents little more than a pork-filled land grab by federal and state land management and recreation agencies...Making CARA's proposed programs off-budget also violates the spirit of the budget resolution, incorporating accounting gimmicks to increase spending in FY 2001 beyond what Members had agreed to spend...Congress would be dedicating money to CARA that it otherwise would have saved to shore up Social Security, reduce the debt, or give Americans a tax cut.  CARA also represents a vast expansion of federal and state roles in local land management decisions...Unlike the practice in many of the programs that CARA would replace, H.R. 701 would require the U.S. Department of the Interior to review and approve many of the plans the states submit for the use of the funds...Finally, CARA is inherently unfair because it empowers government at all levels and special interests to buy land, placing average Americans at a disadvantage.
*  The Democrats are loving this.  They get $3 billion for land buying and other projects, and they get to watch Republicans commit fratricide on the House floor.
*  Now $6 billion a year goes into the treasury from offshore federal oil revenues. If CARA takes half the money and it no longer goes into the treasury, then either taxes have to be raised, money has to be printed, or programs cut. There is no other way.  When you offset the CARA pork with these tax increases 77 percent of Americans live in states that are CARA losers.
5/8?/00 VOX POPULI POLL - When informed of relevant information, the overwhelming majority of America is against CARA land buying.   Address maintenance needs first: 80% - Purchase more land and create new parks: 12%.   Which are the most important federal problems? Education 32% - Social security 20% - Health 18% - Cut taxes 13% - Debt 10% - Defense 3% - Acquiring land to create more parks and wilderness areas 1%.
5/8/00 ALASKA PUBLIC RADIO NETWORK - Rep. Helen Chenoweth-Hage (R-ID) "If this bill passes and becomes law, it will be the death knell for the Republican majority...the final blow to property rights in this country."  Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform "...there are a lot of stupid bills in Congress; this [CARA] is truly an awful bill."   IF YOU HAVE A FAST CABLE MODEM OR DSL:   HEAR AUDIO FILE! (1.2 Megs)
5/8/00 SAM BISHOP - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner  (Alaska), Washington Bureau -YOUNG TAILORS BILL TO WOO OLD ALLIES - Rep. Don Young and his longtime allies among private property advocates describe their relationship today in terms of betrayal...  "The willing seller clause is a sham, a disgrace," said Hardiman.
5/7/00 TOM SCHATZ (Citizens Against Government Waste) and CHUCK CUSHMAN (ALRA), Washington Times - WASTEFUL LAND GRABBING BY THE GOVERNMENT - A budget-busting, land-grabbing disaster is in the making, brought to you by the U.S. Congress.  CARA is a textbook example of creating a wasteful spending machine that will spin way, way out of control.
5/7/00 SAM BISHOP - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner  (Alaska), Washington Bureau - YOUNG PUSHES MASSIVE CONSERVATION BILL -- ALASKA FUNDING WOULD INCREASE $165 MILLION - For impact funds, the Secretary of the Interior must approve the state's spending plan.  It has the unfortunate effect of giving the federal administration power to impose its own priorities.
4/17/00 TOM FINK - GENERAL FUND OMITS MUCH OF STATE BUDGET - "The writers of our state constitution tried to stop the proliferation of dedicated funds... The miraculous finding of the source of money becomes a politically easy way to fund programs that wouldn't make the cut if they were in straight competition with other government programs... I haven't mentioned the national government, but it is even worse. ...right now Rep. Young and Sen. Murkowski are supporting legislation to take...offshore oil revenue and give it to the states mostly for purchasing land for conservation and recreation purposes. Some people wonder why there's a tax revolt...the reason is pretty clear to me."
4/11/00 DON YOUNG - NEWS from the Committee on Resources - PRESIDENT CLINTON MEETS WITH BIPARTISAN CARA COALITION.  The GOP leadership refuses to move the CARA bill, so Chairman Don Young goes to the Democrat President for support.  Young, a sponsor of  CARA said President Clinton "was extremely well-informed and engaged" during the hour-long meeting at the White House on the bipartisan conservation bill.  "I'm extremely pleased President Clinton has taken such an interest in this landmark legislation."
4/5/00 ALRA - Land Rights Network - CONSERVATIVES SAY OINK! OINK! TO CARA - The Conservative Action Team (CAT) has issued a Policy Brief highly critical of the pork barrel land grab Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA), HR 701 / S 25. CAT is a Congressional Member Organization of over 50 Republican Members of the House of Representatives and is chaired by Representative John Shadegg.
4/4/00 ALRA - Land Rights Network - BUDGET HAWKS CRITICIZE CARA PORK - Fourteen of the leading "Budget Hawks" in the House of Representatives signed a letter last week critical of the pork barrel land grab Conservation and Reinvestment Act (HR 701).
4/4/00 FRANK GLADICS, President, Independent Forest Products Association, Letter to Don Young: "As you know Independent Forest Products Association has long advocated for a no net gain in federal lands provision in the Interior Appropriations Bill....Each year the federal land management agencies publicly whine about the astronomical cost of backlogged maintenance that needs to be completed to maintain the lands they are currently entrusted to manage."
4/2/00 NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF New York Times, AS LIFE FOR FAMILY FARMERS WORSENS, THE TOUGHEST WITHER.  While not directly dealing with CARA this article describes a weakened Rural America under siege that will be further devastated by CARA regulatory harassment and government land purchases.
3/31/00 JULIET EILPERIN, Washington Post Staff Writer - GOP SQUABBLING OVER LANDS BILL - House Republicans are embroiled in a bitter feud over the fate of a popular bipartisan bill that would devote billions of dollars to the purchase of federal land and other environmental causes... Budget-minded lawmakers question whether Congress can afford to wall off so much money for one particular cause.
3/31/00 SENATORS GORTON AND DOMENICI STOP CARA LAND GRAB IN COMMITTEE!!!  ...any funds for land acquisition should come from regular appropriations, and not a trust fund.
3/22/00 ERIC SCHLECHT (NTU) AND CHARLES CUSHMAN (ALRA) - Letter to the Editor, The Hill Newspaper, Washington DC - CARA  A PRIME EXAMPLE OF PORK-BARREL SPENDING - A Republican Congress approving this bill will place a final nail in the coffin of any pretense to fiscal responsibility.
3/14/00 CAROL LAGRASSE, President, Property Rights Foundation of America, CONSERVATION EASEMENTS - "...conservation easements are a wolf in sheepās clothing...The reasons cited to promote conservation easements are in error and better means to preserve productive rural lands are available. It is important to avert any major federal funding source (like CARA) for conservation easements...The easements are eroding that bastion of the American tradition of freedom, private property ownership.
3/11/00 HENRY LAMB, WorldNetDaily Exclusive - AMERICA: A 'FASCILIST' COUNTRY? - We, the taxpayers, are being forced to finance the transformation of America from a land in which the sources of production are owned by private individuals, to a country where the sources of production are owned by the government.
3/6/00  LEEF SMITH, Washington Post Staff Writer - ANGER IN APPALACHIA - Researchers Fighting to Open Records on 1930s Shenandoah Park Resettlement.  The government forced Harold Woodward Jr.'s grandparents from their mountain cabin in Virginia's Blue Ridge . . . the Woodwards were ordered off their 198-year-old farm in the 1930s to make way for the new tourist destination.  Most visitors to the sprawling 196,800-acre park are unaware of the pain and resentment caused by its creation...The few who declined to leave were dragged from their homes...feud has reawakened the grief of a community that has long distrusted government and sees this latest battle as another trampling of its rights.
3/3/00 WASHINGTON POST EDITORIAL  A LUSH LANDS BILL - The bill would exempt the conservation programs from the annual competition for federal funds. Their funding would be guaranteed; they would move to the head of the line, be given precedence even over national defense, to say nothing of tax collection, law enforcement, the conduct of foreign policy, other environmental programs, aid to education...It's wrong to create such fiefdoms. Do it for one group, and the next understandably asks, why not us?
2/29/00- 3/2/00 AMERICANS FOR OUR HERITAGE & RECREATION, National Summit, Washington DC - The Land & Water Conservation Fund: Keep the Promise Now.  
Don Young, Bruce Babbitt and George Miller - Partying TOGETHER!
2/29/00 COMPETITIVE ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE blasted Representative Don Young (R-AK) and others in Congress for supporting the Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA). CARA guarantees a permanent revenue stream of $3 billion per year, with at least an annual $900 million for government to acquire more land.  
"I don't believe government, unless it's a communist government, should own lands. "

--Rep. Don Young on Alaska Public Radio Network, February 14, 1996.
2/24/00 REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMEN SLAM "CARA" LANDS LEGACY BILL In a highly unusual action, six Republican members of the House Resources Committee have co-signed a strongly worded "Dissenting View"...This open defiance against committee chairman and CARA sponsor Don Young (R-AK) is another clear sign that CARA faces an uphill fight within the GOP.
2/24/00 ALICE ANN LOVE, Associated Press Writer, GREENSPAN: DON'T SPEND SURPLUS YET -- The Oregonian.  For lawmakers, Greenspan said the lingering uncertainties of the economy should prompt wariness about making new commitments for future government spending.
2/23/00 SENATOR SLADE GORTON, STATEMENT, "I am adamantly opposed this legislation ...I simply can't support this kind of entitlement as chairman of the Senate Interior Appropriations Subcommittee when I must also respond to forest health needs, National Park Service construction and maintenance shortfalls, and vital health and education programs for Native Americans. I am dismayed by ... the chairman's decision to press this legislation through the Energy Committee."
2/23/00 SENATE ENERGY COMMITTEE CARA VOTE - The only reason there was a vote at all was because Senator Slade Gorton (R-WA) raised the issue and forced a vote. Murkowski had planned ahead and had proxies in favor of asking for more money for CARA.
2/21/00 ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED AT CARA (ANCHORAGE ALASKA TV REPORT ON DON YOUNG) NBC News "...I think most of the folks who believe in a free society, private property system, limited government, are absolutely horrified and shocked at Don Youngās bill."
2/20/00 FAIRBANKS NEWS MINER, Associated Press, Anchorage, Alaska - DEMOCRATS DRAWN TO YOUNG'S CONSERVATION BILL.  More than half of the U.S. House has signed onto a conservation bill introduced by Alaska Rep. Don Young.  But in a departure from the norm for Young, a measure with his name on it is appealing more to Democrats than to his fellow Republicans.
2/17/00 ALRA - REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMEN SLAM "CARA" LANDS LEGACY BILL - In a highly unusual action, nine Republican members of the House Resources Committee have cosigned a strongly worded "Dissenting View" that has been filed with the Committee's report on the Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA), HR 701. This open defiance against committee chairman and CARA sponsor Don Young (R-AK) is another clear sign that CARA faces an uphill fight within the GOP.
2/16/00 CONSERVATION: Land Preservation Bill Wins Several Endorsements (2-16-00).  More than two-thirds of House members, including 90 percent of Democrats, now support the Conservation and Reinvestment Act (H.R. 701), which is the legislative form of President Clinton's Lands Legacy initiative. But some Western Republicans "remain determined to kill the bill."  


2/16/00 RESOURCES COMMITTEE REPORT FILING FOR H.R. 701 - DON YOUNG in the House of Representatives.  Congressional Record - Extensions of Remarks, E154.
DISSENTING VIEWS - Appended dissent of six of Chairman Don Young's own majority committee members (a highly unusual occurrence).
2/13/00 JEFF GOODSON, President of JW Goodson Associates - THE RAPE OF RURAL AMERICA, The Washington Times, Commentary; Forum - Columnist Linda Chavez threw a firebomb into the conservative big tent recently, with an op-ed supporting President Clinton's use of the 1906 Antiquities Act to designate four new national monuments. 
...Everyone loves a park, and until a few years ago you had a better chance of getting hit by a meteorite than you did of hearing anything negative about the national parks, forests, wildlife refuges, wilderness areas and public trails that are scattered across the American landscape. But times have changed, and the park that was once seen as a friendly vacation spot is now widely viewed as a threat to hearth and home.                
LINDA CHAVEZ article          MICHAEL HARDIMAN response
1/18/00 BRIAN DOHERTY, Washington-based CEI, Opinion, Knight-Ridder Tribune Business News - CLINTON'S LAND LEGACY PROGRAM FAILS TO ADDRESS OWNERSHIP - The federal government is already billions of dollars behind on upkeep and management of its land. But Clinton wants a legacy of continual government aggrandizement with no end in sight or in mind. Meanwhile, the Republicans either object meekly or, in the case of Rep. Don Young of Alaska, actively help him along.
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