"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." -- George Santayana


URBAN ABUSES -- Government land acquisition abuses have not been limited to rural areas. There are many sad examples of devastating results on urban neighborhoods from past government land acquisition abuses.

6/24/00 PATRICK POOLE, WorldNetDaily.com - LEVIATHAN USA - Sell your land or we'll take it - Use of eminent domain 'completely out of control'.  Private developers and local governments, using the power of eminent domain, are increasingly joining together to force property owners from their land, coercing the transfer of property from one private owner to another.

5/14/00 JULIE FOSTER - WorldNetDaily.com - TESTING THE FAITH - City ousts congregation - Local government seizes church's property through eminent domain. Property of small New York congregation seized...by local government, which claims the property is "blighted" and zoned for business.

POLETOWN, DETROIT - City of Detroit condemned and razed this long-established neighborhood for the private benefit of General Motors (Poletown Neighborhood council v. City of Detroit, 410 Mich. 616, 304 N.W.2d 455 (1981)).

Auto Plant vs. Neighborhood: The Poletown Battle - The Detroit News Rearview Mirror History
The Casino Take - The city of Detroit has begun a suit to take property from private owners along the riverfront for the use of gambling casinos. The city claims the "takings" are necessary to provide a public benefit (08/15/1999 The Detroit News)

NEW YORK CITY - ROBERT MOSES, Interstate highway construction through dense neighborhoods in New York City, THE POWER BROKER, by Robert Caro, Vintage Books, 1974.

Why wouldn't Moses shift the route of the Cross-Bronx Expressway slightly, thereby saving 1,530 apartments, millions in state and city money, months of aggravation and delay--and making his expressway straighter as well? "I asked George Spargo that," says Joseph Ingraham, the Times reporter who was occasionally on Moses' payroll and who spent so much time socializing with the Moses team that he sometimes seemed to be one of its members... In effect, for whatever reason, Robert Moses elected to tear down 159 buildings housing 1,530 families instead of tearing down six buildings housing nineteen families... (Chapter 36 - The Meat Axe; Chapter 37 - One Mile).

KANSAS CITY, MO - KC Libertarian Fights Eminent Domain Land-Grab- 10/97 A Missouri Libertarian is fighting to prevent the Kansas City government from evicting 60 downtown businesses and turning their land over to a wealthy corporation to build a new entertainment complex.  ...Grant Stauffer is considering forming a nationwide organization to prevent such abuses from happening elsewhere.

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