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SPLATALRTsm.gif (1400 bytes) PROPERTY OWNERS AND FEDERAL LANDS MULTIPLE-USE ADVOCATES WON TWO HUGE VICTORIES LAST WEEK!!  The Budget Resolution does NOT include an allowance or "Marker" for S 25, the PORK BARREL LAND GRAB Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA)!!! (4/9/2000)
SPLATALRTsm.gif (1400 bytes) BUDGET AND AGRICULTURE COMMITTEES CONSIDER CARA!  House Agriculture and Budget Committees will decide in the next two weeks whether they should hold meetings to review HR 701, The Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA).  This is a $3 billion pork barrel land acquisition trust fund including the threat of massive condemnation (eminent domain). (1/27/2000)
SPLATALRTsm.gif (1400 bytes) GOOD NEWS ON CARA!!  HR 701, the Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA) has been referred to two other committees in the House of Representatives! (12/23/99)
SPLATALRTsm.gif (1400 bytes) New Coalition Formed to Stop HR 701 - Conservation and Reinvestment Act of 1999 (3/11/99)
SPLATALRTsm.gif (1400 bytes) $1.5 Billion per Year Land Acquisition Trust Fund Proposed
No Bigger Threat to Private Land Owners
Congressional Testimonies and Background Material
Massive Omnibus Parks Bill Being Planned by Congress
Huge "Park Barrel" Bill Will Create New Heritage Areas
Babbitt in Wonderland - ESA Fairytale
by US Rep. Richard Pombo
Washington Post and New York Times Features Northern Forests ~ Leahy Congressional Push Likely Now! (8/26/98)
Woolsey Farmland Condemnation Act (8/25/98)
American Land Sovereignty Protection Act (HR 901/S 2098) Needs Push in Senate (8/21/98)
98 Vote Index Available -- Become a co-sponsor


Northern Forest Stewardship "Lock-Up" Act Stopped . . .    for Now


Proposed Shutdown of Public Access to National Forests


Congressional Hearings Held on Cabin Fees


Eastside Ecosystem Coalition of Counties (EECC) Threatens Walkout from Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Plan (ICBEMP) if the Administration Goes Forward With Its Roadless/Wilderness Policy


Administration Sneak Attack on Forest Service Roadless Areas Imminent
Massive Expansion of DeFacto Wilderness Areas to be Announced Soon


No Treaty In Kyoto White House Phone-In
White House and Radio Talk Shows Phone Lists


Huge Plan Increasing Forest Service Cabin Fees Coming
What's the Northern Forest Alliance?
Farm Bureau Releases NW Ecosystem EIS Analysis
Northwest Ecosystem Plan Threatens All Land Users
Northern Forest Communities and Landowners Threatened

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